Kunshan Mega-Packing Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd

ADD:No 19th Gongxiang Road, Qiandeng Town, Kunshan City, Suzhou Province 



About Maige Metallurgical Machinery

Company Profile

Mega-Packing Machinery(Kun Shan) Co.,Ltd is a automation packaging machinery manufacturing service provider which focus on the design, manufacture, production of automatic packaging systems, and has top advantage in the Chinese high-end market, Mega-Packing technical team has professional engineers who has nearly 20 years automatic packaging systems experience, not only has a senior mechanical engineer and a first-class design team, also has domestic and foreign advanced technology and advanced manufacturing equipment&testing equipment.With the persistent pursuit of automatic packaging, we have designed and manufactured the packaging system with superior performance, and our products have the CE certification of the European Community.Mega-Packing company is located at qiandeng town, kunshan city, jiangsu province. It has professional ideas and operation modes in introducing technical talents, supporting technologies,new technology information and technical cooperation with other companies.

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